Our Infant Room has been designed for maximum safety. Toys, changing tables, and all touchable surfaces are sterilized daily.
In a warm and nurturing home-like environment our babies are cuddled, rocked, and played with by carefully chosen teachers and assistants.
We do not allow street shoes in the infant room.

Your baby will have a cubby, two baskets, and a labeled spot in the refrigerator.

Infant Schedules

Please send a daily schedule of your child so we can follow their schedule from home as closely as possible when they are at Lilypads. If you have any changes that you would like us to make day to day, please make a note of it on the back of your child’s daily diary and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Music is played in the infant room daily. Studies have proved the enhanced effect of music on babies, “unlocks the creative spirit and strengthens the mind”.
Our daily activities include:

  • Personal care builds an infant’s self-esteem.
  • Teacher-child interactions that build curiosity.
  • Playtime that boosts cognitive and motor skills.
  • Age-appropriate materials and activities that support learning and development.
  • Safe sleep guidelines that meet the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • Children up to 1 year old, sleep wearing a sleep sack.

Our Learn and Grow Program includes:

  • Daily detailed reports sent home including updates to keep families informed about feeding, diapering, activities, the theme of the day, and more.
  • Learn to engage and socialize with others.
  • Prepare to think and reason “Building Brain Power”.
  • Making friends and keeping them for a lifetime.
  • Encourages to express personality through art, and supports imaginative play, puppets, movements, and music.
  • Support the early development of gross motor skills.
  • Meet every child’s needs for rest and nutrition.

Our clean environment assures you that your child will stay healthy and gives you peace of mind.

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