About Us

“Great minds start little”

Lilypads School House provides a safe, warm, loving, and enriching environment. Lilypads School House’s mission is to provide activities and experiences that build self-esteem and nurture the children’s emotional, psychological, physical, and intellectual needs. Allowing a child to feel secure and loved, where he/she will develop an interest in learning, and the ability to participate in a healthy and safe learning environment. We believe that children learn through play and a carefully planned creative curriculum that is carried out in a warm, loving, home environment, Little Hearts Learning Center will employ the following activities for your child:

  • Creative Art
  • Language
  • Sensory Experiences
  • Fine and Gross Motor Activities
  • Movement Activities
  • Basic Science
  • Social Studies
  • Math
  • Music
  • Yoga and Dance
  • And More

These activities are arranged in a monthly calendar that follows a variety of daily themes. Within the framework of these, we work to set up a balanced program to help the child develop his/her social, emotional, physical, and intellectual skills.

Our major goal is to make learning fun and exciting while providing the love, security, and care of a home environment. Lilypads School House gives your child a home away from home.